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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Crying Voices Open Quiet Minds

A guiding light
When is the last time you seriously looked at the people who are suffering? They could be your neighbors, family members, acquaintances or strangers...but they are hurting.
My 10 year old granddaughter is fighting a very rare disease. I will include more info regarding this at the bottom of this post. She is not alone, there are so many people facing their own personal storms. You yourself have varying degrees of stressful situations you face daily. Where is your safe harbor of peace? How can you wade through the agony of daily chaos? It starts within.

I have had many trials in my life and there have been plenty of moments when I wanted to throw in the can be so un-bearing. It was when I began to meditate daily that I was able to see the glints of sun shining through the clouds. It was when I understood that meditation should be approached as a personal commitment to MYSELF. This is not a race - there are no blue ribbons. This is a way to help connect to a deep wisdom that lies within everyone - yes EVERYONE.

One of the most amazing discoveries was my yearning desire to help others. I thought I had embarked on this personal exploration to understand myself better.  But, as you begin to truly love yourself there is a natural desire to share this.  Meditation opens the quiet chambers of your mind to reveal the needs of others. Why? How? How can setting aside 15 silent minutes daily make you want to help others? You are clearing away the noise and debris of your busy world in order to hear others crying out. Those voices are connected to you and they are a part of you. By quieting your mind and heart you will learn to listen to your inner voice that has always guided you. The next step may be more difficult at first...learn to MOVE your thoughts into action and DO something about what you have heard. You will find that once you begin down this path more twists and turns will appear. Each path brings greater understanding and tremendous joy.

Begin today and look toward the sun shining through the clouds - follow that light and begin helping others to find their own harbors of inner peace.

The disease mentioned above is Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiactric Syndrome (PANS). Triggered by “strep”, her immune system mistakenly attacks part of her brain confusing it with the strep antigen, thus creating a neurological inflammation causing her to have debilitating “episodes”. Her condition has deteriorated to the point that she is unable to attend school on a regular basis. She is currently writing a book to bring awareness to this disease and yes, she does meditate:)

Would you like to know how to meditate without any CDs, classes or books? HOW TO BEGIN.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Visits from Loved Ones in My Dreams

My parents 1946
I didn't want to wake. It seemed my dreams were far better.  I had been enjoying my visits with my loved ones that have crossed and sometimes felt more lonely upon waking. My dad and his laughter my mother and her sparkling eyes and my brother with that boyish grin. Has this ever happened to you?
Realizing that my loved ones are still around me has helped ease my pain...but it was a process. I had followed that wobbly truth that others had told me... "No, we don't have the answers, God will tell you later...maybe...after you die." How is this supposed to comfort anyone? Why would a loving creator stick a clause on the end of a death certificate?

Peace has come in knowing that the physical embodiment of my beautiful spirit is but a temporary vessel. The vessel was meant for a short duration compared to the entire journey. This is a merely a small part- and for this portion I wear blue eyes and have dirty blonde hair that will gray... eventually.

If we truly embrace that we live eternally then we should be all the more excited about our visit here at this moment. It's 2012 a time when our technology is at its best- medical science has seen enormous transitions and our life expectancies have stretched longer. This is not a time to be at war with one another, to squabble amongst ourselves over petty unimportant issues. It's a time to look around and see how each of us can make a contribution to our communities, our animals and our planet.

If you have spent days agonizing over the death of a loved one, I truly send you my deepest condolences. And I hope that some day you reach a place where you can breathe deeply knowing they are all around you. Reassurance comes in stages and the process is unique to each of us. For me I know in my heart I am loved and those that have gone on want me to know they will see me again - they are merely a thought away.

Yes it is a day by day existence and there are many stormy days ahead maybe it's time we learned to smell the rain and appreciate its cool waters. Live your life with passion. Continue to build relationships- be kinder, trod lightly on the soil and send love to all that need it. You are but one vessel among many. Living in the now and knowing you are here for this moment may help you make a difference in your world.  This is YOUR time, this is YOUR day. Make the most of it and let your loving energy shine brightly. You are not alone and your beacon of hope will call out to your loved ones who have passed and they will gather near don't have to wait until death to feel their love. There are no hidden clauses. Open your eyes to the possibility that you can rise and have your dreams, you only need to wake up.

 Much of what I have learned has come through meditation. If you would like to learn how you can find your own path please read How to Begin. You can do this for FREE without the need to attend a class or buy a CD.