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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Artists Who Have Crossed Over Part 2

Me working on Alex Toth art
Continuing on from my last blog. I am not alone in channeling energies - this has been going on for centuries. Man wakes and creates each day. From the smallest things such as how you arrange the furniture in your home or how you prepare a meal - there is a process of moving thought into action. It's in the times when you quiet your mind and clear away the debris that you can sometimes come away with profound inspiration. Where does this come from? Many would say- from yourself, and they would be correct, some would say your Spirit or your higher consciousness. Both are possible, but so is connecting with loving guides who want to assist. This assistance can only come by asking, something I would never had considered before as a professional artist.

As a young girl I could always see the object, draw it, paint it... whatever, I just moved with it. As an adult I continue to build on this experience and experiment with different mediums. I have created bouquets of sculpted fruits and vegetables -  art with fabric, wood and even broken dishes. Why have I tried a gazillion different ways and what leads me down those paths? I cannot say for sure, but I'm beginning to request assistance from my guides:)

Alex Toth Volumes 1, 2, 3
I have progressed through many phases of my career and now, as I have stated in my past post, my work brings me to a place where my focus is on artists from the last century. I collect and gather their hard to acquire artwork and design books filled with these precious gems. These artists may not be familiar to many, after all, the current generation is more interested in the world of pop stars, the gods that rule the sports-world or the hottest video games. The artists I work with lived during the time when newspapers cartoonists were kings. Some of the books I currently produce: Chester Gould's - Dick Tracey, Milton Caniff's - Terry and the Pirates, Harold Gray's - Little Orphan Annie, Alex Raymond's - Flash Gordon and finally Alex Toth. Toth's list of credits is so long we had to break it into 3 volumes. It would be too difficult to list them all in this post, (I'll put a link at the bottom) but he did brilliant storyboards for Disney's Zorro and many Hanna-Barbera cartoons such as Space Ghost.
Before and After of Jon Fury strip by Alex Toth

I spent hours and hours working on Volume 1 Genius Isolated. Images were found of a rare newspaper strip he did while in the military. He created "Jon Fury" and it was distributed among his fellow soldiers in a camp newletter. The story was about a dashing detective that drove a fast car and always got the girl. As his career progressed and he became famous, these early strips were never published. They were seen by the men stationed in the military and collectors who hunted them, but for the most part a complete set was never released for viewing - until now.  I was given the task of scanning and cleaning the smudges and placing them in order so that they could be viewed as they were in the 1950's. I did the best I could and we inserted them into the book, among hundreds of other sketches and drawings he created throughout his career. My next task was to take all of the family photos we had borrowed, some cracked, many faded, some with huge creases and restore them. So many unseen photos. There was even a rare photo of he and his mom and dad. He was a small boy and it was difficult to see Alex as it was a very dark image. I worked on that using the skills I have learned though many many years of photo restoration and brought it to life the best I could. I found another image of Alex when he was in high school. It was creased and his eyes seemed dull, just a worn old photo. I worked on this and was particularly happy that I was able to give some spark to him and I remember telling my co-worker my main goal was not to fix the tears in the image, but to restore the glint in his eyes. The book was completed, sent to the printer and that was that...

Alex Toth's high school photo
Two months later I contacted a wonderful medium Bernie Scott who lives in the UK. I learned of her through the wonderful work of Mick and Sylvie Avery who gave me insight into my akashik records, but that's another story:)  Bernie's expertise lies in connecting individuals that have crossed over with those of us desiring to communicate. I was once again reunited with my parents, my brother and a good friend that passed in his 30's. I laughed as my dad was even collecting all the pets that have crossed and Bernie named them one by one- Cassie, Ashley even fish from my nephew's aquarium, what a delight.

I had meditated long before my reading and sent my thoughts to ask questions, never revealing them to Bernie. The answers flowed through in a natural rhythm and I was overcome with emotion. I was hoping to move past all the spirits assuring me of their identity and we did... and then some! It was quite refreshing. It was near the end that Bernie began to ask me about my work with newspaper artists. It threw me a bit, as I was not focusing my attention in this direction. She began to describe a gentlemen that was wishing to make contact with me. She gave his description, the circumstances surrounding his death and none of it registered at all with me. She spoke in what seemed like riddles- how I took broken images and put them together like a mosaic. I actually love doing ceramic mosaic work so I though she was speaking of this. She continued to talk and said he wants to "thank you for the tribute you are doing for him." This meant nothing to me. He wants to tell you how "healing and therapeutic your work is and how much he appreciates the work you are doing." Still I sat there listening as if she was getting a message that was meant for someone else. Maybe Bernie's wires were crossed... and then she said something that brought me to tears...
he particularly wants to thank you for the "work you did on his eyes... he loves what you did on his eyes."

And so each day at dawn as I begin my meditation I ask for protection, blessing and a little help from my friends. Help in finding new ways to spread that joy to the people that walk among me and to those that have crossed over. I am so honored to be able to give joy to artists such as Alex Toth. It has given me that extra assurance that not only does my work bring pleasure to the readers of today, but I bring light and love to the artists of yesteryear who are cheering me on. I am doubly blessed and for this and hope that others will stop and take notice of all that they do. We continue to bless others long after they have passed. I hope you find as much comfort in this as I have. To learn how you can meditate please read my book Sæ-sii Meditation: How to Find Your Bliss in 15 Minutes a Day
To learn more about Alex Toth please follow this link.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Messages of Artists Who Have Crossed Over Part 1

Cliff Sterret's work
For most of my life I have been a professional artist. I have worked with many clients. Some were local backyard mom and pop businesses, some were huge corporations. I am a freelance artist who has designed tv commercials, logos, billboards and graphics of every description. Let's just say I have enjoyed a very diverse career and now find myself embarking on a new twist. I have connected with artists from the other side of the veil.

I designed this cover
In the spring of 2009 I began working with archival newspaper cartoonists of the early 1900's. This was a time in our world when there was no tv, no internet, no ebooks, no was a world of radio and newspapers. My work is in the restoration of this beautiful form of art and placing it into volumes of books that readers of today can view and learn from. The artists were masters of their craft, such as Cliff Sterret, (seen here) - using their raw talents of pen and ink without the benefit of cut and paste, undo or save. The source of my work is often found in dusty old attics as a generation fades away and the contents of their treasure chests are brought out into the light. Many people can only glimpse the work of these great artists, as collectors gobble them up on ebay or trade shows hording them away or selling them to the highest bidder. They are precious and some of the price tags on these gems reflect it. I, along with a team of others, scan them and make them into digital files. They are placed in a chronological order so the viewer can read them- just as they were meant to be seen after being picked up from front door stoops and opened every morning. I usually have to digitally clean them to bring them back to life. Often newspaper strips are faded and cracked and I smooth out the wrinkles and erase the dirt they have accumulated (some over 90 years). I have become an expert photo restorationist and my talents are put to good use as I am called upon to add old images of the artist into each book. These photos are collected from all over the world and many are personal images on loan from family members. Looking at these fantastic old family photos of the early teens gives depth to the artist and I somehow feel connected. I never knew just how connected that would become.

My meditations often bring me to a place where I am given messages. I have always journaled my messages and love looking at them months later. It was through this experience that I was given this realization and my gift.
Meditation message:  "Your work is therapuetic and healing to the soul. You were brought into alignment to be able to use your talents to bring forth the work of artists who no longer walk among us. "
This at first sounded like some flowery compliment, but I am beginning to understand that the artists of the books I am working on are watching me. I thought the theraputic and healing was for the many people here on earth who are enjoying reading these collections, but clearly they are truly for the spirits who view their work disintegrating into dust - I am bringing them joy. This has opened my heart to an understanding that they stand at my shoulder cheering me on.

Sterret's Polly and Her Pals ran 1912 - 1958
The newspaper will become a tool of the past, as we are witnessing. The age of the book is uncertain and no one knows where this will lead. Books stores are closing worldwide and libraries are having their budgets cut as I write. So, as you can see, recovering and restoring art from old newspapers is a type of rescue work. This is a new dimension of my career that I had never dreamed of.

In my next blog I will speak of the message I received from a wonderful cartoonist Alex Toth. Part 2 Artists Who Have Crossed Over

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Creating Art Through Meditation

How many times have you woken from a dream with a sense that you had just been having a conversation with someone and you cannot recall who? It seemed so real, ah but alas it was only a dream. Since beginning meditation I am increasingly becoming aware of more and more visits or conversations with beings on the "other side" of the veil.

This cover was given to me in meditation
I have at times seen distinct patterns between my "visits" and so I started to journal them. I strongly suggest that you try it yourselves as this is a wonderful tool in which we can increase awareness that is brought to us by others who have walked the path before us.

 For example, recently I was working on a project, as I am a professional designer. I was creating a cover and the thumbnails and comps were really not hitting the mark so to say... It was a cover for an archival comic strip known as Flash Gordon.
Here is my journal entry:
Feb. 4, 2011 - Meditation: I stir and decide to meditate as I am not completely awake and I decide to just enjoy the silence of my mind and accept whatever message my guides have for me today.
"Constellation" comes to me.
Huh? constellation?
"Star charts use the universe." I thank my guides and wake with what just happened slowly filtering through. Oh man...the missing element in my Flash Gordon Cover.

I was particularly happy with the results as Volumes 2, 3, 4 were given to me as well, and are all completed way ahead of schedule. Not all of the meditation experiences come through in this way. I think for many there are moments you come away from it with an overall feeling of peace of mind. If you continue this practice daily you will even begin to feel that you are aligning yourself to the universe. You have a love for your planet and all of those existing in it. Yes, I can see the changes in my own life. I cannot squash a bug!

Here is another journal entry:
Feb. 13, 2011 - Meditation: I had what seemed like a meeting with spiritual entities--I am not sure who they were as it was as if I knew all of them. Upon saying goodbye I was reminded over and over again to remember what they had told me. I was kinda miffed and said --ok, ok I'll remember this--chill all of you....relax...I'll remember
then as I lay in my bed I reflected...who were they? It seemed a cozy room, big overstuffed furniture a fire in a large hearth. They were impressing upon me this truth.
We all need to "let go"of any feelings we have of people who have wronged us. In other words the mind shift of letting go of the pain and hurt is extremely important. I have had occasions in this life to confront people who have harmed me and I have faced them--they were saying that this took and enormous courage on my part to face my enemies or people that meant me harm, but even had I NOT faced them, the "letting go" of the negative thoughts I had towards them was AS important. This, they said was what I need to include in my writing. Many people cannot for one reason or another confront people (maybe they have passed, etc) but that it's ok--it has to be a "letting go" in a mental thought. It will raise our vibration.

And so I will continue writing and sharing these messages that are being brought to me through meditation as I truly feel that they were given to be shared.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Uncovering Hidden Love

Oh how I wish everyone would understand the power of thought. As I continue to grow and learn in my daily meditations I become increasingly aware of the fact that thoughts are living things.
This is a revelation that can transpire amazing thoughts into works of beauty to be shared with the world around us.

Me at age 5.
 Today I woke very early and began a meditation right at dawn. I love this peaceful time when the world is not quite awake. The room was dark and I was able to find my island of peace. I found myself in a room that was my childhood home. There were some people moving objects as if they were preparing for a festival or party. I think they were workers as some seemed to wear uniforms. It was my home as I remembered it. (This house has since been demolished and I was able to view it through my childhood eyes.) As I stood in this space every sensory of my childhood awoke in me. That overall feeling of being there as a young girl. I watched as the men began to uncover a large framed piece of artwork. They took off the covering and I knew instantly that this was something that was being restored for a type of anniversary. I am not sure what the anniversary was but I was aware that it was a special gift. 

Me as a baby.

Everything about this space reflected the exact colors and smells of my childhood. I watched them lift a dusty fabric covering to reveal a very large black and white photo collage. I felt myself gasp in surprise as I studied this amazing imagery before me. I saw a collection of photos of my family. The edges looked cracked and tattered. I saw a photo of me whispering into my sister's ear and I looked to be 4 or 5. I was wearing a black party dress with white dress socks and black patent leather shoes. My hair was flying in the photo as if it was a freeze frame of my head turning quickly to tell my sister something special. I looked at the other images of my brothers and sisters all as tiny children and my heart began to swell. I then saw my grandmother in a familiar casual pose leaning against a doorframe with one hand on her hip watching us play. She looked so beautiful ... so real that I felt I could hug her. I looked below her and saw my Uncle Harry a man that was ever present in our home as he truly was my father's best friend. He was smiling and looked so happy and I instantly remembered his laughter. I was aware that they had all passed on and that this was a collection of special memories all brought together...for me.

I finished my meditation and reflected on this amazing journey. Those images, especially the one of me whispering are not actual photographs that I have ever seen. My parents did not take many photos as I don't think they owned a camera until I was in my teens. Relatives I suppose gave some to us, but there are few of me as a baby and only a couple of me that are nestled in posed photos amongst my siblings. How could I see so clearly images captured in an instant, what triggered a spark in my mind that could bring these thoughts so beautifully to my awareness? It wasn't that the photos themselves were unusual; it's the overwhelming feeling of love they evoked, that brought me to tears. This unlocked a part of my heart that I didn't realize I carry with me. 
Family group shot
It is with this love and these thoughts that I want to surround myself daily. How tender and precious are the people we share this journey with. Even as I start my day today I can make an effort to tell the family I hold so dear...  they are loved - right now - today.

Each time I meditate I have no idea where it will lead me. The images that were pulled from the corners of my mind were given to me as a gift. I accept them freely and only hope that I can spread this tremendous wealth that resides in my heart with others. Keeping in mind that thoughts are living things, we can send our thoughts of love outward truly sharing our heart. I am thankful for this meditation today as it is a reminder that I can quietly go behind the scenes and uncover memories that stay hidden and expose them and bask in their loving warmth. You can too. 
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meditations Bring Warnings

Dragonflies Follow Me Everywhere

Today was another day at the beach. As I drove the slow winding road to its entrance I was met by a squadron of dragonflies. At first I thought they were gathered in one area but as I continued along I was surrounded by hundreds of these beautiful creatures.
My routine of picking a clear spot to settle into felt like a prayer I was offering up. Here I am to blend with your beauty, here I am to watch and learn…use me. I sat and meditated in silence for a short time. I love the feeling of air, sun, water and earth while I meditate. I finished my meditation offered up a thanks and sat there coming back down to earth.
As I walked along the shore I became aware that the piles of sea grass seemed to be alive with swarming insects. But they seemed to be hopping like fleas and there were so many of them it felt as if the ground below me was no longer sand. I stooped and put my hands out. Many landed into my grasp and as I slowly opened my palms I saw that they were actually tiny crabs. They looked clear in color and they were hopping and burying themselves into the sand. I smiled as I realized I was not alone in my curiosity as several sea birds anxiously awaited for me to move along.
I love these long walks never knowing what lies ahead, and a thought appeared – go back and lock up your wallet…NOW. No, I replied to myself I’m too far from my beach bag…I kept walking and the thought now seemed to become an urgent warning – go back NOW! Hmmm well ok maybe I am getting a message to protect myself. I slowly returned and locked up my wallet. As I looked at my car the sun seemed to wink its reflection at me on the metal. There…now what? I asked. Silence.
I found myself pretty near where the warning had come to me as I was now returned to my walk of discovery. As I looked up I noticed a woman in a red swim suit gathering debris. She was the same woman I had seen sitting in a chair close to mine. Tell her, came a thought. No, no, no – she is a complete stranger and she will be uncomfortable with this interruption. Tell her.
As the woman approached I could see that she was holding driftwood and various plants. Building a house I asked? Yes, she said, I am. And then I told her. She smiled and said she pays attention to all messages as she believes we are each given aids and guides in life. We spoke of the dragonflies and she recalled a book about them symbolizing transition. Wow…transition…I like this. I felt immediately grateful for this chance encounter. As we exchanged names she appeared pleasantly surprised with mine – oh how beautiful a name she said expressing what appeared to be genuine admiration. Thank you Andrea so is yours I stuttered…feeling like I was 8 meeting another kid on the playground. I was at a loss as she truly seemed so happy to learn my name. We stood there smiling in the sun and she spoke so confidently as she said you know the reason you were told to tell me is probably because I “get” it. And she did. We shook hands and said farewell.
I found my way back to my chair and thought about this. Two strangers peacefully enjoying a day at the beach. She was hunting for beach treasure and discovered beauty in my name. The sun was shining brightly and I felt the urging of the sea.
I tucked my hair into my hat, grabbed my chair and pushed aside the wall of sea grass which stood like a fortress guarding the ocean. Move over crabs…it’s my turn…and I’m comin’ in.
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