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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pitfalls of Meditation

I try and try and all I get is fog
Why can't I do this? Am I doing it wrong? Others seem to have amazing mind blowing experiences...but I just sit here thinking of the laundry or the sound of the traffic out my window.
Meditation is a time of "letting go" of all thought. It takes practice and it takes patience. If you can remember back to simple tasks that you once learned and now do effortlessly, you will understand this meaning. Photography - you used to cut off all the heads when taking photos. Cooking - you used to either serve food undercooked or scorched. Computer - you needed a child to teach you:)

As you approach your meditation come to it with a feeling of simplicity. This is not about achieving anything that others may have told you about or that you may have read. This is YOUR experience and this is your personal journey. You are closing your eyes and attuning yourself to your beautiful spirit who is with you always. Learning to release all thought allows you to open the door for your higher conscious to connect with you. This connection does not necessarily come at the time you are in meditation. You may find yourself a few hours later or even the next day when you may have a moment of realization. A moment of inspiration that is awakened within you. And here you thought you were just sitting in silence and nothing "happened". The happening is not something that you may be able to even put into words but it is occurring nonetheless.

When I first started down the path of meditation I was intrigued by the vivid illustrious experiences that were depicted in various books and videos. Wow - it all sounded so surreal - how could this be? I bought books, I read up online, I watched youtube instructional videos and even attended a workshop to try and learn how to "do it". And then I discovered that was exactly what was building the frustration within. I was doing. Meditation is about NOT doing. You simply find yourself a quiet haven and relax your mind and float into nothingness. Yes, I agree thoughts slip in and you may find yourself scolding yourself- "I'm thinking about the day’s events." No scolding necessary, each time you practice this and a thought comes fluttering in, learn to pay it ZERO attention and it will dissipate. In time you will be able to do this effortlessly.

Meditation is a process and in the beginning you may feel it is utterly isn't. It may take days, weeks or months of repeating this 15 min. daily "letting go" of all thought and one day you will find yourself in such a powerful space of self-love. This brings forth self-worth and connecting with your beautiful spirit manifests it. As you begin to understand this dynamic, which is available to all, you will find it spreading contagiously to the world around you. To your family, your pets, your community, nature and the planet. This is the "doing" part of meditation. It is how you go forth and how you are guided and it begins with making the connection to the beautiful you within. Meditation is a tool that can open that door.
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