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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to Begin

We are all part of the universe.
Meditation is the true path to finding your passion of purpose. It is
 a way to detox the mind of the world’s noise, which has seeped into our brains and has caused us to stumble in darkness.   It has nothing to do with religion. It does not cost anything; you do not need special music, aromas or mental suggestions, as a leader of a guided meditation would give. This is a 15-minute daily practice of quieting the mind and allowing it to rest so that your true beautiful spirit can give you guidance. Some refer to this as developing your 6th sense, which we all possess. By practicing this daily, you will learn all of the truths that you already know within (much like Dorothy and her ruby slippers) discover your purpose and will love yourself beyond measure. It is with this powerful love that you will be able to act on inspiring thought and move mountains. This is available to all. Your light shines brightly and is waiting for you to unleash it. It can help heal others and it brings hope to a planet, which is calling out to us.

Begin by finding a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Turn off your phones, computers and lock your doors. By doing this simple routine of disengaging with the world you are treating yourself with the respect your spirit deserves. You may do this lying down or sitting in a straight backed chair with feet on the ground. Close your eyes and breath normally. Begin by saying a prayer of protection to the unseen guides who walk with you daily.  

Here is the one I use:

To my highest guides and helpers second to none
Bless me and keep me safe at this time that I sit
Knowing that all that is said, done and heard, felt or sensed in any way
is with absolute love as I blend myself with my consciousness
I wish at this time to be at one with my spirit

You may add to the end of this "I would like to meditate for 15 mins" (You will find yourself brought back from meditative state in exactly 15 mins.)

Now just relax and allow yourself to float into nothingness.
Each time you do this you are training yourself to become stiller and quieter as you learn to "let go" of all thoughts. At first you may find yourself struggling with chores, worries, daily routines that need to be attended to. Pay ZERO attention to any of these thoughts and allow them to dissipate. Let all fall silent.
You are not waiting for anything- you are not doing or searching for anything. Think of this time as a time that you are going totally blank so that your guides can work on the connection lines like the cable company or phone repair man tightening all the wires. Your spirit team can only get it working properly if they have a total blank peaceful mind to work with. 
At first the time you are able to still your thoughts may only be seconds, but this is still progress. In time you will be able to do this much longer. This is something which will benefit yourself, your loved ones and the world around you. How? you ask. Look to my posts to learn more:)

After months of "trying" to meditate with books, cd's and videos. I became frustrated as it always felt like the wrong kind of energy. I now use this daily and I have moved thoughts into action effortlessly as I am learning more and more about this wonderful journey called life and what my role is on this planet. You can too. I learned this method from the wonderful work being done by Mick and Sylvie Avery. The fact that you do not need anything but yourself and a quiet space is probably not too profitable to anyone teaching it... all the better!

Do you need further help? I wrote a MEDITATION BOOK
Please read  Pitfalls of Meditation 



  1. Well written Lorraine and I totally agree with a 'quiet meditation'! This is the answer to all our prayers and to bring others closer to our beloved God and their guides who will give them a better quality of life on Earth as it is in Heaven:) I truely wish that meditation was taught in from a younger life for all to embrace.

  2. This is the practice that I learned over twenty-five years ago from my 1st yoga teacher, loved seeing it especially the part about telling yourself to wake up which she taught us only at that time she called it "power naps" and they were. I could go to the beach close my eyes tell myself that I wanted to wake up in ten minutes and wake up exactly as if an alarm clock had gone off only relaxed and peaceful. I still do this everyday only now it is longer. Beautiful story, thanks. Light.

  3. Very well written article and nicely timed as we move into a shift to wisdom which can omly be accessed by stilling the fearful conscious mind. Most of us now more than ever before are very much caught up in the restlessness of the annoyances of life. These include the constant roller coaster of emotions and the drama of life. Our worries and our constant expectations of financial, emotional and spirituality aspirations are always arising. It is my opinion that without loosening of the hold of our focus on these issues, our attention keeps us binding to these and we invite more of the same because of the unconditional love of the “Law of Attraction”. Focus attention on imperfection binds us all to more imperfections. In the modern world, freedom can only be achieved by realizing that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and have forgotten the nature of your being. What is taken place now is the remembering of who you are, or your return to the knowing of your infinite eternal soul. Be aware that the energy waves will be ebbing and flowing with increasing frequencies from now on. It would be wise to call on the comforter The Holy Spirit, when fearful thoughts enter the mind through habit. So anybody who would attain the diamond heart awareness would be wise to include meditation. This will support you in loving and merging with the ego. Then rise above the consciousness of your physical self (deny himself) and keep in attention constantly focused in Christ peace even while you are daily crucified by trials and your spiritual aspiration, as well as being tormented by restlessness and destructions. The intensified focus, fervent devotion and meditation produce the ecstasy of oneness with cosmic consciousness.see more at

  4. 1)- I am SO glad you said we can do this lying down ! - All other positions, I have so far found distracting and disconcerting.
    2) - I LOVE the idea of the 'internal alarm clock' ! - I can't wait to try that, since all other methods have mostly failed for me, buzzing phone alarms etc. alert others unecessarily, etc. !
    3) - How ENCOURAGING of you to say it will, at first, be for maybe a few seconds, then minutes, etc., that we will be able to let go of our thoughts, "Later...Scoot !"- This will help me to persevere, knowing that only progress lies ahead !
    4)- Thank you for sharing this, with, for me at least, perfect timing !
    5) - :-) With Love
    Pauli xx

    1. Pauli- Glad I could help. I tried following others methods and none really opened this door. You will find what works best for you. But #1 rule is always remember- Life is a Journey NOT a competition! So take it slow and go step by step and those seconds of shutting off the chatter of your inner voice will turn into longer and longer spaces of silence.Please keep in touch, I would love to hear how you progress:)


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