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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are You Committed to Self?

When I meditate I go to this peaceful state of silence. Sometimes I finish the meditation and have a feeling of utter self love. Sometimes I see very vivid images and sometimes I have clear insight. This meditation was a time I was given a message concerning Commitment to Self.

How many times have you found yourself responding to a request? Perhaps it is a personal favor, taking time from your schedule to aid a fellow worker, or maybe even a stranger as you find yourself swept along into their misfortune. Sometimes you may hesitate and sometimes even refuse, but for most we just respond. In doing this we are giving aid to someone or something and we finish the task and move on. We may never know the results of our gift as it has helped someone along their way. But that’s the point, we didn’t really consider any of that we just acted on a request and committed ourselves to the mission.
If we lived in a world where we could ask of others and they would freely give back, what a truly harmonious place this would be. It is in the moments when I ask of a loved one for assistance and an empty promise goes unfulfilled when I am reminded of commitment. Do I make empty promises? Do I keep my word? If I do then I am actually not being true or honest with myself.
What is the lesson to be learned? Ask but don’t expect too much? Be a martyr and say nothing? We need to closely examine this choice of this request. If we ask in pure love it will be an interaction of sharing a need. If the response is good intention and empty action then perhaps we need to look within. Are we committed to our own words and do we realize we too have made empty promises along the way? We may have caused someone to hope and we forgot all about them.

Love is action. I myself struggle with this as I have learned to increasingly become more self-reliant as I stopped asking. But wait… perhaps this is part of the journey, and my commitment to self has helped me overcome the obstacles along the way. And what do I do with this knowledge?
I give it freely and I allow the years of broken promises and good intentions to become a new commitment. A new insight into how I can truly bring light to those of us stumbling in the dark. Together we truly can help each other…but it starts with commitment to self.
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