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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Meditation Police

Ok I know this may be a bit absurd, but have you ever been in a beautiful loving meditation, on your very own island of peace only to be interrupted by a thought or "voice" that you KNOW is unwelcome? If your answer is no, good for you. If your answer is yes, then how are you dealing with this?

I have had several occasions when I am in trance that this will occur. My reaction is always the same. I send out this thought "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE THEREFOR BEGONE NOW!" This of course always startles me back to full consciousness and my meditation ends.

I am only now writing about it, because I have learned from reading blogs and listening to several podcasts, that some people actually engage these entities in communication. This is extremely dangerous. When you "open" yourself up to the spirit world to connect with your guides, your intention should only be with the purest. This connection has to be done surrounded in love for your own protection. Listen to the advice of experience that your inner voice is whispering, no screaming...Don't talk to strangers! Allowing uninvited spirits to suck up your energy is like communicating with strangers via the internet or telephone. If it "feels" wrong... IT IS!

I have worked as an illustrator and designer most of my career. Being a designer in the publishing industry for years now, I have a working knowledge of the nuts and bolts of producing written material. My guides have been urgently insisting that I need to move past the production of other authors and WRITE as my gift is in communication. And so I have begun writing my own books. Great. Sounds exciting right? I sit, I meditate... and I'm given clear and concise direction of what to put chapter after chapter. Books of inspiration and overcoming adversity. Stories of encouragement to so many that face each morning in utter despair. They have no passion of purpose.

It was on such a morning that I opened up to my guides for this purpose, that a voice broke in. This is what it said "You are not a writer, you only think you are. You are wasting your time and you are inexperienced." This was followed by laughter. At first I just sat there feeling awful, and realized something was off. I am clairaudient and was not surprised by the voice, it was the "feeling" surrounding it. It felt FALSE. I finished my meditation and at first just felt empty. As I looked back on this I became more certain that this was a spirit that wanted to derail me. NONE of my spirit guides and helpers have ever done anything intentional to harm or dissuade me. I always get positive guidance and feedback, in fact I get CLEAR direction and if I am in doubt I meditate on it and it is clarified. But what happened on this occasion? Who was this voice? Where was my protection and who let this unwelcome spirit in? Where are the Meditation Police?

I cannot answer this, but I do know that I was given the immediate thought that this was FALSE information. We need to tune in for protection. We actually DO have meditation police, and they are beside us and sending us an understanding that we are NOT to engage or listen to false spirits. They do exist and they want to create with their negative energy, this is why we need to surround ourselves with the protection and blessings of our guides.
I am almost certain that I did ask for protection during my meditation, but I also know that I like to meditate at a time when the world is waking up - at dawn when my mind is just on the edge of being awake. Perhaps I did not ask for protection correctly. Perhaps I thought I had, yet only skipped over this request... moving forward to meeting my guides. I cannot say for sure.
ALWAYS ask for protection when meditating.

I have had this happen several times. Once I was even told that in order to have access to some information, that I needed to do harm to my spouse first. HUH? No, this should NEVER be allowed. If you find yourself in meditation and you are given ANY instruction to cause harm or feel harm towards yourself or others then you need to CEASE the communication. Be very careful and realize that if you did NOT invite them, then they are UNWELCOME and you should not allow any communication. ZIP. PERIOD. End of story!

Here is my opening prayer of protection that I use daily:
To my highest guides and helpers second to none
Bless me and keep me safe at this time that I sit
Knowing that all that is said, done and heard, felt or sensed in any way
is with absolute love as I blend myself with my consciousness
I wish at this time to be at one with my spirit

I strongly suggest that before you open yourself up to the spirit world, that you surround yourself with protection. YOU are in control of your mind. And for all of you that listen to those so called "expert" mediums, please do not think your guides are waiting to find you a "good" parking spot, because quite honestly they have much better things to do.

There is so much that awaits you on this journey and meditation allows you to move in a clear direction, surrounded in love. Be one with your spirit and listen ONLY to what you know to be truth. You are loved and you are here to spread love.
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meditation for Kids

I had the opportunity to visit with family this week. I am an active person and love to surround myself with projects that challenge me. This is not always easy when you are a guest in someone's home. I haven't owned or watched television since 2005 and the constant buzzing of this static noise is an irritant to say the least. As I observed this family of four in their natural environment I saw that the use of this droning device holds their minds in a trance like stupor. They might as well have been watching paint dry as the content of the programming was a waste of their time. Small children watching hostile police  arrests, supposed talent searches and survival game shows. No one seemed to question any of it - accepting all they viewed not as mere entertainment, but as fact. Scary.

I spoke to one of the children about meditation. She was extremely interested and open to the suggestion that you can "tune out" unnecessary noise. She sat wide eyed soaking up everything I shared. I told her she didn't need any special music, or any chanting just a comfortable position alone in her room. Knowing that it would only be for 15 mins., was perfect for this active 10 year old and after listening to my instructions - she was off to begin her first meditation. She even shooed away her puppy and closed her door as she wanted this time all to herself.

I spoke with her mom about meditation bringing increased awareness to ALL ages. The mother is not a reader and I had to just bring the information I know from firsthand knowledge. She then surprised me and asked if I could send her a book about it. Wow.

Three days later the child told me she was writing a story about children who are creating a contest to see who could come up with the best "save the earth" solutions. She listed turning off the tv at the top! I was stunned as she read me the story. Children concerned about saving the rainforest and conserving energy. Really?

I believe meditation for families could be the answer to so many of the world's problems. All my life I was taught education begins at home- well, yes of course it does, so why not include it as part of a family routine?

Last night I heard the father come home and he was a bit cranky. Dinner wasn't for at least an hour and homework needed to be done. Mom was trying to juggle homework, dinner and some other chores while dad did his best to not lose his cool. Suddenly a child jumped up grabbed her dad's hand and announced "Come with me."
He was not happy as he had just settled into his comfy tv chair and rolled his eyes following her into her room. The door shut and the next thing I heard was this...
"You need to learn about meditation dad. It will help you be less grumpy, because you don't even hear yourself when you speak to us in that nasty tone. You need to learn to turn off the tv and meditate. It will help you and it may even help the whole family!"
He began to argue with her and she shut him down. I worried that I would be rebuked for putting these ideas into her head. Luckily he came out of the room smiling... and switched on the tv.

Meditation plants seeds. It opens doors and it brings healing in so many ways. By teaching one member how to open their minds to new possibilities, it gives a bridge to this island of static noise that infiltrates their beautiful spirits. I will soon leave this loving family of mine, feeling as if I have given a gift this holiday season like none other. I truly can give PEACE this season and so can you.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Cat Whisperer

For many years I have been an un-cat person. Don't ask me why, it just seems me and cats just never hit it off. There was always some stray cat hanging around my father's upholstery shop having litters in the heaps of fluff and leftover stuffing that made its way into every corner. My sister would often dress them in little clothes and I just thought they were useless. They didn't fetch, they never obeyed any commands and seemed pretty stuck-up and snooty.

Years later I was given a black cat named Abbey as a wedding gift. She was a beautiful feline with bright gold eyes. After feeding her and paying for years of vet bills one day she up and moved in with a neighbor... the gift lasted about as long as the marriage.
And so through the years I have just stuck with species that seem to enjoy my company such as horses and dogs. All very natural and very respectful of each others space on this planet. But any cat that approached me... I would send a mental thought "you know I don't do cats" and they would high-tail it and scoot.

Did you know cats can cause you to become a vegetarian?  It was in the Fall of 2005, during a business trip when I discovered the Israeli feral cats. They live everywhere in Israel. Whenever we sat for a group photo, up they would pop... from rocks, benches, door-stoops...everywhere.  Not one or two feral cats, try TWENTY! And these cats didn't look normal either. They looked more like mutant cats. Some had missing eyes, some oozing yellow fluid from their nose, some wore half an ear, etc. It was like watching a bad Disney's Toy Story movie only instead of toys - think cats with missing body parts. Every time we ordered a meal it was "meat" on-a-stick. Everyone waiter would ask me the same question. "What do you want on your stick- Chicken- Beef- Lamb?" After the third night of my 10-night trip all of this tasted, well ... EXACTLY the same flavor. I swore it was cat and I never ate another mouthful of meat since. Was it cat? Who know's, but heck, I was an instant vegetarian.

Cat on a stick?
And so this brings me to the meditation part of my blog. It was the summer of 2010 and I was spending the summer in Cape Cod. My partner has an older cat, she's around 16 and her name is Lacie. Being that Dean's a very important part of my life, I decided to overlook the fact that Lacie was a cat. Lacie and I barely tolerated each other. I made it clear from the get go that I preferred she were a dog. Whenever she whined too loudly or made a mess with her litter I would glare at her. One afternoon I was doing a meditation and it was life changing.
Meditation: I found myself in an old home and there were many cats running throughout the house. I could hear them, but never saw them. I knew they all belonged to me. I opened a closet door to put away a vacuum cleaner. As I placed it into the closet I heard a loud meow. I quickly pulled the door open and looked inside, but saw nothing. Then I saw something lying on the floor and went to pick it up.  It was a bloody tail of a cat. I was horrified. I knew instantly that someone had purposefully mutilated this cat and it made me sick. I felt such love for this poor cat and I was heart broken. The meditation ended and I forgot all about it.
Lacie on the window seat in Cape Cod
The next morning I went to my usual spot on the window seat to enjoy my morning coffee. Lacie was asleep on the seat and Dean handed me my usual cup. This is my favorite spot in the morning. The birds are singing; the sun is just softly filtering in and the world is just waking up. I crossed my leg, sipped my coffee, leaned back and to utter amazement...began petting the cat. I was totally unaware of my actions - I was just enjoying the moment. Dean almost spit out hot coffee "look at yourself, your petting a cat!" Oh my goodness, this was not like me, and then I remembered.  I told him all about the meditation. All of my years of cat dislike had melted away.

Lacie last spring "Please tell them not to go to Paris"
And here it is December of 2011 and I'm still enjoying a wonderful relationship with our cat. She is causing quite a stir in our home, as she has been acting peculiar for the past few months. During several meditations she has appeared as a younger version of herself. I told her she looks pretty good, almost kitten-like, and then when my meditation ends she will be sitting right outside my room... as if she's waiting for me. Dean thinks she's ill and has taken her to the doctor's several times. Lacie told me (in the meditation) not to worry as she's just getting old and that she loves me dearly. She always seeks us out and cuddles as close as possible. If I'm at my computer she will even try and lay on the top of my office chair. She's quite a lady and I am honored to know her. She is extremely wise and I wish she would visit my meditations more often. I think if our President meditated more he might get some great advice:)
The years are taking their toll on Lacie and she may be crossing over soon. She now eats sparingly and sleeps most of the day. I know I will see this beautiful spirit again and I'm not overly concerned with her health.
And so it seems this whispering cat will have the last laugh. Her eyes have lost their twinkle, she's moving slower and she barely eats at all most days. And so as she returned from another costly visit to the vet she stumped the doctor yet again. "Well, he said scratching his head, "she's perfectly fine...I guess she's just getting old." I smiled when I heard the news...she had already told us this in my meditation... and it didn't cost a dime:)
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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Artists Who Have Crossed Over Part 2

Me working on Alex Toth art
Continuing on from my last blog. I am not alone in channeling energies - this has been going on for centuries. Man wakes and creates each day. From the smallest things such as how you arrange the furniture in your home or how you prepare a meal - there is a process of moving thought into action. It's in the times when you quiet your mind and clear away the debris that you can sometimes come away with profound inspiration. Where does this come from? Many would say- from yourself, and they would be correct, some would say your Spirit or your higher consciousness. Both are possible, but so is connecting with loving guides who want to assist. This assistance can only come by asking, something I would never had considered before as a professional artist.

As a young girl I could always see the object, draw it, paint it... whatever, I just moved with it. As an adult I continue to build on this experience and experiment with different mediums. I have created bouquets of sculpted fruits and vegetables -  art with fabric, wood and even broken dishes. Why have I tried a gazillion different ways and what leads me down those paths? I cannot say for sure, but I'm beginning to request assistance from my guides:)

Alex Toth Volumes 1, 2, 3
I have progressed through many phases of my career and now, as I have stated in my past post, my work brings me to a place where my focus is on artists from the last century. I collect and gather their hard to acquire artwork and design books filled with these precious gems. These artists may not be familiar to many, after all, the current generation is more interested in the world of pop stars, the gods that rule the sports-world or the hottest video games. The artists I work with lived during the time when newspapers cartoonists were kings. Some of the books I currently produce: Chester Gould's - Dick Tracey, Milton Caniff's - Terry and the Pirates, Harold Gray's - Little Orphan Annie, Alex Raymond's - Flash Gordon and finally Alex Toth. Toth's list of credits is so long we had to break it into 3 volumes. It would be too difficult to list them all in this post, (I'll put a link at the bottom) but he did brilliant storyboards for Disney's Zorro and many Hanna-Barbera cartoons such as Space Ghost.
Before and After of Jon Fury strip by Alex Toth

I spent hours and hours working on Volume 1 Genius Isolated. Images were found of a rare newspaper strip he did while in the military. He created "Jon Fury" and it was distributed among his fellow soldiers in a camp newletter. The story was about a dashing detective that drove a fast car and always got the girl. As his career progressed and he became famous, these early strips were never published. They were seen by the men stationed in the military and collectors who hunted them, but for the most part a complete set was never released for viewing - until now.  I was given the task of scanning and cleaning the smudges and placing them in order so that they could be viewed as they were in the 1950's. I did the best I could and we inserted them into the book, among hundreds of other sketches and drawings he created throughout his career. My next task was to take all of the family photos we had borrowed, some cracked, many faded, some with huge creases and restore them. So many unseen photos. There was even a rare photo of he and his mom and dad. He was a small boy and it was difficult to see Alex as it was a very dark image. I worked on that using the skills I have learned though many many years of photo restoration and brought it to life the best I could. I found another image of Alex when he was in high school. It was creased and his eyes seemed dull, just a worn old photo. I worked on this and was particularly happy that I was able to give some spark to him and I remember telling my co-worker my main goal was not to fix the tears in the image, but to restore the glint in his eyes. The book was completed, sent to the printer and that was that...

Alex Toth's high school photo
Two months later I contacted a wonderful medium Bernie Scott who lives in the UK. I learned of her through the wonderful work of Mick and Sylvie Avery who gave me insight into my akashik records, but that's another story:)  Bernie's expertise lies in connecting individuals that have crossed over with those of us desiring to communicate. I was once again reunited with my parents, my brother and a good friend that passed in his 30's. I laughed as my dad was even collecting all the pets that have crossed and Bernie named them one by one- Cassie, Ashley even fish from my nephew's aquarium, what a delight.

I had meditated long before my reading and sent my thoughts to ask questions, never revealing them to Bernie. The answers flowed through in a natural rhythm and I was overcome with emotion. I was hoping to move past all the spirits assuring me of their identity and we did... and then some! It was quite refreshing. It was near the end that Bernie began to ask me about my work with newspaper artists. It threw me a bit, as I was not focusing my attention in this direction. She began to describe a gentlemen that was wishing to make contact with me. She gave his description, the circumstances surrounding his death and none of it registered at all with me. She spoke in what seemed like riddles- how I took broken images and put them together like a mosaic. I actually love doing ceramic mosaic work so I though she was speaking of this. She continued to talk and said he wants to "thank you for the tribute you are doing for him." This meant nothing to me. He wants to tell you how "healing and therapeutic your work is and how much he appreciates the work you are doing." Still I sat there listening as if she was getting a message that was meant for someone else. Maybe Bernie's wires were crossed... and then she said something that brought me to tears...
he particularly wants to thank you for the "work you did on his eyes... he loves what you did on his eyes."

And so each day at dawn as I begin my meditation I ask for protection, blessing and a little help from my friends. Help in finding new ways to spread that joy to the people that walk among me and to those that have crossed over. I am so honored to be able to give joy to artists such as Alex Toth. It has given me that extra assurance that not only does my work bring pleasure to the readers of today, but I bring light and love to the artists of yesteryear who are cheering me on. I am doubly blessed and for this and hope that others will stop and take notice of all that they do. We continue to bless others long after they have passed. I hope you find as much comfort in this as I have. To learn how you can meditate please read my book Sæ-sii Meditation: How to Find Your Bliss in 15 Minutes a Day
To learn more about Alex Toth please follow this link.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Messages of Artists Who Have Crossed Over Part 1

Cliff Sterret's work
For most of my life I have been a professional artist. I have worked with many clients. Some were local backyard mom and pop businesses, some were huge corporations. I am a freelance artist who has designed tv commercials, logos, billboards and graphics of every description. Let's just say I have enjoyed a very diverse career and now find myself embarking on a new twist. I have connected with artists from the other side of the veil.

I designed this cover
In the spring of 2009 I began working with archival newspaper cartoonists of the early 1900's. This was a time in our world when there was no tv, no internet, no ebooks, no was a world of radio and newspapers. My work is in the restoration of this beautiful form of art and placing it into volumes of books that readers of today can view and learn from. The artists were masters of their craft, such as Cliff Sterret, (seen here) - using their raw talents of pen and ink without the benefit of cut and paste, undo or save. The source of my work is often found in dusty old attics as a generation fades away and the contents of their treasure chests are brought out into the light. Many people can only glimpse the work of these great artists, as collectors gobble them up on ebay or trade shows hording them away or selling them to the highest bidder. They are precious and some of the price tags on these gems reflect it. I, along with a team of others, scan them and make them into digital files. They are placed in a chronological order so the viewer can read them- just as they were meant to be seen after being picked up from front door stoops and opened every morning. I usually have to digitally clean them to bring them back to life. Often newspaper strips are faded and cracked and I smooth out the wrinkles and erase the dirt they have accumulated (some over 90 years). I have become an expert photo restorationist and my talents are put to good use as I am called upon to add old images of the artist into each book. These photos are collected from all over the world and many are personal images on loan from family members. Looking at these fantastic old family photos of the early teens gives depth to the artist and I somehow feel connected. I never knew just how connected that would become.

My meditations often bring me to a place where I am given messages. I have always journaled my messages and love looking at them months later. It was through this experience that I was given this realization and my gift.
Meditation message:  "Your work is therapuetic and healing to the soul. You were brought into alignment to be able to use your talents to bring forth the work of artists who no longer walk among us. "
This at first sounded like some flowery compliment, but I am beginning to understand that the artists of the books I am working on are watching me. I thought the theraputic and healing was for the many people here on earth who are enjoying reading these collections, but clearly they are truly for the spirits who view their work disintegrating into dust - I am bringing them joy. This has opened my heart to an understanding that they stand at my shoulder cheering me on.

Sterret's Polly and Her Pals ran 1912 - 1958
The newspaper will become a tool of the past, as we are witnessing. The age of the book is uncertain and no one knows where this will lead. Books stores are closing worldwide and libraries are having their budgets cut as I write. So, as you can see, recovering and restoring art from old newspapers is a type of rescue work. This is a new dimension of my career that I had never dreamed of.

In my next blog I will speak of the message I received from a wonderful cartoonist Alex Toth. Part 2 Artists Who Have Crossed Over

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Creating Art Through Meditation

How many times have you woken from a dream with a sense that you had just been having a conversation with someone and you cannot recall who? It seemed so real, ah but alas it was only a dream. Since beginning meditation I am increasingly becoming aware of more and more visits or conversations with beings on the "other side" of the veil.

This cover was given to me in meditation
I have at times seen distinct patterns between my "visits" and so I started to journal them. I strongly suggest that you try it yourselves as this is a wonderful tool in which we can increase awareness that is brought to us by others who have walked the path before us.

 For example, recently I was working on a project, as I am a professional designer. I was creating a cover and the thumbnails and comps were really not hitting the mark so to say... It was a cover for an archival comic strip known as Flash Gordon.
Here is my journal entry:
Feb. 4, 2011 - Meditation: I stir and decide to meditate as I am not completely awake and I decide to just enjoy the silence of my mind and accept whatever message my guides have for me today.
"Constellation" comes to me.
Huh? constellation?
"Star charts use the universe." I thank my guides and wake with what just happened slowly filtering through. Oh man...the missing element in my Flash Gordon Cover.

I was particularly happy with the results as Volumes 2, 3, 4 were given to me as well, and are all completed way ahead of schedule. Not all of the meditation experiences come through in this way. I think for many there are moments you come away from it with an overall feeling of peace of mind. If you continue this practice daily you will even begin to feel that you are aligning yourself to the universe. You have a love for your planet and all of those existing in it. Yes, I can see the changes in my own life. I cannot squash a bug!

Here is another journal entry:
Feb. 13, 2011 - Meditation: I had what seemed like a meeting with spiritual entities--I am not sure who they were as it was as if I knew all of them. Upon saying goodbye I was reminded over and over again to remember what they had told me. I was kinda miffed and said --ok, ok I'll remember this--chill all of you....relax...I'll remember
then as I lay in my bed I reflected...who were they? It seemed a cozy room, big overstuffed furniture a fire in a large hearth. They were impressing upon me this truth.
We all need to "let go"of any feelings we have of people who have wronged us. In other words the mind shift of letting go of the pain and hurt is extremely important. I have had occasions in this life to confront people who have harmed me and I have faced them--they were saying that this took and enormous courage on my part to face my enemies or people that meant me harm, but even had I NOT faced them, the "letting go" of the negative thoughts I had towards them was AS important. This, they said was what I need to include in my writing. Many people cannot for one reason or another confront people (maybe they have passed, etc) but that it's ok--it has to be a "letting go" in a mental thought. It will raise our vibration.

And so I will continue writing and sharing these messages that are being brought to me through meditation as I truly feel that they were given to be shared.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Uncovering Hidden Love

Oh how I wish everyone would understand the power of thought. As I continue to grow and learn in my daily meditations I become increasingly aware of the fact that thoughts are living things.
This is a revelation that can transpire amazing thoughts into works of beauty to be shared with the world around us.

Me at age 5.
 Today I woke very early and began a meditation right at dawn. I love this peaceful time when the world is not quite awake. The room was dark and I was able to find my island of peace. I found myself in a room that was my childhood home. There were some people moving objects as if they were preparing for a festival or party. I think they were workers as some seemed to wear uniforms. It was my home as I remembered it. (This house has since been demolished and I was able to view it through my childhood eyes.) As I stood in this space every sensory of my childhood awoke in me. That overall feeling of being there as a young girl. I watched as the men began to uncover a large framed piece of artwork. They took off the covering and I knew instantly that this was something that was being restored for a type of anniversary. I am not sure what the anniversary was but I was aware that it was a special gift. 

Me as a baby.

Everything about this space reflected the exact colors and smells of my childhood. I watched them lift a dusty fabric covering to reveal a very large black and white photo collage. I felt myself gasp in surprise as I studied this amazing imagery before me. I saw a collection of photos of my family. The edges looked cracked and tattered. I saw a photo of me whispering into my sister's ear and I looked to be 4 or 5. I was wearing a black party dress with white dress socks and black patent leather shoes. My hair was flying in the photo as if it was a freeze frame of my head turning quickly to tell my sister something special. I looked at the other images of my brothers and sisters all as tiny children and my heart began to swell. I then saw my grandmother in a familiar casual pose leaning against a doorframe with one hand on her hip watching us play. She looked so beautiful ... so real that I felt I could hug her. I looked below her and saw my Uncle Harry a man that was ever present in our home as he truly was my father's best friend. He was smiling and looked so happy and I instantly remembered his laughter. I was aware that they had all passed on and that this was a collection of special memories all brought together...for me.

I finished my meditation and reflected on this amazing journey. Those images, especially the one of me whispering are not actual photographs that I have ever seen. My parents did not take many photos as I don't think they owned a camera until I was in my teens. Relatives I suppose gave some to us, but there are few of me as a baby and only a couple of me that are nestled in posed photos amongst my siblings. How could I see so clearly images captured in an instant, what triggered a spark in my mind that could bring these thoughts so beautifully to my awareness? It wasn't that the photos themselves were unusual; it's the overwhelming feeling of love they evoked, that brought me to tears. This unlocked a part of my heart that I didn't realize I carry with me. 
Family group shot
It is with this love and these thoughts that I want to surround myself daily. How tender and precious are the people we share this journey with. Even as I start my day today I can make an effort to tell the family I hold so dear...  they are loved - right now - today.

Each time I meditate I have no idea where it will lead me. The images that were pulled from the corners of my mind were given to me as a gift. I accept them freely and only hope that I can spread this tremendous wealth that resides in my heart with others. Keeping in mind that thoughts are living things, we can send our thoughts of love outward truly sharing our heart. I am thankful for this meditation today as it is a reminder that I can quietly go behind the scenes and uncover memories that stay hidden and expose them and bask in their loving warmth. You can too. 
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meditations Bring Warnings

Dragonflies Follow Me Everywhere

Today was another day at the beach. As I drove the slow winding road to its entrance I was met by a squadron of dragonflies. At first I thought they were gathered in one area but as I continued along I was surrounded by hundreds of these beautiful creatures.
My routine of picking a clear spot to settle into felt like a prayer I was offering up. Here I am to blend with your beauty, here I am to watch and learn…use me. I sat and meditated in silence for a short time. I love the feeling of air, sun, water and earth while I meditate. I finished my meditation offered up a thanks and sat there coming back down to earth.
As I walked along the shore I became aware that the piles of sea grass seemed to be alive with swarming insects. But they seemed to be hopping like fleas and there were so many of them it felt as if the ground below me was no longer sand. I stooped and put my hands out. Many landed into my grasp and as I slowly opened my palms I saw that they were actually tiny crabs. They looked clear in color and they were hopping and burying themselves into the sand. I smiled as I realized I was not alone in my curiosity as several sea birds anxiously awaited for me to move along.
I love these long walks never knowing what lies ahead, and a thought appeared – go back and lock up your wallet…NOW. No, I replied to myself I’m too far from my beach bag…I kept walking and the thought now seemed to become an urgent warning – go back NOW! Hmmm well ok maybe I am getting a message to protect myself. I slowly returned and locked up my wallet. As I looked at my car the sun seemed to wink its reflection at me on the metal. There…now what? I asked. Silence.
I found myself pretty near where the warning had come to me as I was now returned to my walk of discovery. As I looked up I noticed a woman in a red swim suit gathering debris. She was the same woman I had seen sitting in a chair close to mine. Tell her, came a thought. No, no, no – she is a complete stranger and she will be uncomfortable with this interruption. Tell her.
As the woman approached I could see that she was holding driftwood and various plants. Building a house I asked? Yes, she said, I am. And then I told her. She smiled and said she pays attention to all messages as she believes we are each given aids and guides in life. We spoke of the dragonflies and she recalled a book about them symbolizing transition. Wow…transition…I like this. I felt immediately grateful for this chance encounter. As we exchanged names she appeared pleasantly surprised with mine – oh how beautiful a name she said expressing what appeared to be genuine admiration. Thank you Andrea so is yours I stuttered…feeling like I was 8 meeting another kid on the playground. I was at a loss as she truly seemed so happy to learn my name. We stood there smiling in the sun and she spoke so confidently as she said you know the reason you were told to tell me is probably because I “get” it. And she did. We shook hands and said farewell.
I found my way back to my chair and thought about this. Two strangers peacefully enjoying a day at the beach. She was hunting for beach treasure and discovered beauty in my name. The sun was shining brightly and I felt the urging of the sea.
I tucked my hair into my hat, grabbed my chair and pushed aside the wall of sea grass which stood like a fortress guarding the ocean. Move over crabs…it’s my turn…and I’m comin’ in.
To learn how you can begin meditation please READ.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Are You Committed to Self?

When I meditate I go to this peaceful state of silence. Sometimes I finish the meditation and have a feeling of utter self love. Sometimes I see very vivid images and sometimes I have clear insight. This meditation was a time I was given a message concerning Commitment to Self.

How many times have you found yourself responding to a request? Perhaps it is a personal favor, taking time from your schedule to aid a fellow worker, or maybe even a stranger as you find yourself swept along into their misfortune. Sometimes you may hesitate and sometimes even refuse, but for most we just respond. In doing this we are giving aid to someone or something and we finish the task and move on. We may never know the results of our gift as it has helped someone along their way. But that’s the point, we didn’t really consider any of that we just acted on a request and committed ourselves to the mission.
If we lived in a world where we could ask of others and they would freely give back, what a truly harmonious place this would be. It is in the moments when I ask of a loved one for assistance and an empty promise goes unfulfilled when I am reminded of commitment. Do I make empty promises? Do I keep my word? If I do then I am actually not being true or honest with myself.
What is the lesson to be learned? Ask but don’t expect too much? Be a martyr and say nothing? We need to closely examine this choice of this request. If we ask in pure love it will be an interaction of sharing a need. If the response is good intention and empty action then perhaps we need to look within. Are we committed to our own words and do we realize we too have made empty promises along the way? We may have caused someone to hope and we forgot all about them.

Love is action. I myself struggle with this as I have learned to increasingly become more self-reliant as I stopped asking. But wait… perhaps this is part of the journey, and my commitment to self has helped me overcome the obstacles along the way. And what do I do with this knowledge?
I give it freely and I allow the years of broken promises and good intentions to become a new commitment. A new insight into how I can truly bring light to those of us stumbling in the dark. Together we truly can help each other…but it starts with commitment to self.
For more information on how to meditate please read my book:)
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Used to Catch Fish

Something’s off… I feel unbalanced and my energy feels as if I have a slow leak somewhere. It’s an uneasy feeling as if something out of my control is draining me. And as I stopped to think of this I realized my attitude was reflected in how I was treating my spouse. And so I listened to my inner voice which told me that today was a day to move in a new direction.
My impression of a neighbor
I turned off my computer, disconnected my phone, grabbed mosquito repeller, a bottle of water and a large brimmed straw hat and headed out doors. I found myself in my special quiet place by the water that has a front row seat on our dock. As I sat looking out on the sparkling water dappled in sunlight I realized I was drawn here and did not know why. I am slowly learning not to question this and just follow my heart. I closed my eyes and began a meditation and offered a prayer asking for protection and help in connecting with all creatures that live in the water out our back door. My head was bowed and when I opened my eyes two beautiful fish were peering up at me. I was astonished as they seemed to have swam to me waiting for me to notice them. I said a silent hello telling them how pretty they were and watched them slowly swim in and out of the pilings below in what seemed like a ballet. They were each graceful and I studied the effects of the light as it glittered on their scales of teal and pearl gray. A school of tiny green striped fish nipped at the insects on the surface and I smiled thinking how I have never seen fish in what felt like my own home, swimming so carefree in their own environment. As I was allowing myself to float along with them I was startled by what appeared next. A sleek black long necked bird surfaced and then dove under again leaving large circular ripples on the water. It happened so quickly I thought to myself “did I just imagine that?” Up it surfaced again a few feet away as if to reply. It began dunking its head under and flapping its wings and it was cleaning itself much like the tiny birds do in puddles after it rains. How amazing I thought as it stretched its neck glancing over to me and then flew away close along the surface tap tapping the top of the water in its farewell flight. Is this my communication with the creatures of the water in my back yard I thought? Tiny rings of water appeared close by as if droplets were falling from the sky. As I looked closely I could see the iridescent noses of the needlefish that were dining on passing tiny insects that stopped for a drink. This pecking created unusual patterns on the water and I viewed this not as a picnic but more like a work of art.
Mangroves sipping from their own straws
I sat back and thought about what I was watching. The serenity of my little encounter with the nature around me was beginning to help me feel more balanced. The two larger fish that had greeted me previously appeared again and seemed to stop and look up at me. “Teach me something, I said, I want to learn and I know you can show me something new.” I watched as they moved gracefully into the shadows of the mangrove trees that sip with curled roots along the banks nearby. The thought came to me… Is this my back yard or is it theirs? Am I sitting in my world gazing at them as they are looking at me in mine? Or do we share it together and there is no back yard…only one world…one big yard? We are one, came the thought, and we need to understand that we are all equally important.
The swimming fish did not reappear and I was reminded of a time in my past when I was in search of them. Years ago I used to enjoy a day of catching fish. I would sit in a boat as the hours slipped past sharing these outings with my father. I cherished this time together. The wind on my face, the sun on my back, the smell of salt water and the sound of our laughter echoing off the water is a loving memory for me. I really delighted in those lazy fishing days. Looking back now I can see it was for all of the other things, not necessarily the act of catching fish. The time spent with my dad and the peace and knowledge we could enjoy through nature. Artists and photographers have tried to copy it and some have written books about it but nothing can replace the experience of it. No television or movie screen can begin to capture the essence of it. This is what I was really after, not the fish.
I looked down below the surface at the leaves and plant life being slowly tossed by the current. I thought about being there in the stillness of the day alone with all of this tranquility. I was taught several lessons from my perch on this sun-bleached deck today…how can I share this with my children I thought?  And slowly the answer came to me. For years I have put my trust in man to protect and preserve the nature we enjoy. But it’s not for our enjoyment or pleasure like a movie or a good book. It’s a life-force that shares our existence and we blindly allow others to destroy it all in the name of progress. Progress at what cost, and how is it defined if it devastates our environment? So what can I do…I am only one person?
By taking a few moments out to meditate on my dock trying to restore my energy I have realized a truth that I have ignored for many years. The companies that have the most money and power do not care about the planet. To them it’s someone else’s back yard. But for me I will stop relying on others who tell me that protective measures are in place. I need to start asking who placed these environmental laws in place and who oversees them? Many people worry about their own community and themselves- the cause and effect of their own lifetimes. If we continue on this path then we will continue making the same mistakes, which are truly destroying the world around us. We need to start thinking for ourselves and investigate all of the research and we need to do this not thinking only of ourselves but for all life forms and for the generations to come.
The wing of the dragonfly becomes my arrow
And so as I began to feel the sweat rolling down my back I closed my eyes and lifted my head to catch the breeze that was passing through the palms dancing above me. As I opened my eyes a dragonfly drifted into view and I followed its path up and into the branches overhead. I grinned as it reminded me to look up and a chirping tiny bird sitting on a branch rewarded me with its song. As it hopped from limb to limb I admired its bright yellow throat. You are so beautiful I have seen you before in this tree I thought and it quickly darted out of sight.
I gathered up my belongings and said goodbye to all of the inhabitants of what will forever be known as “our” backyard. And as I approached my house I thought of the lessons that were brought to me by two beautiful fish…the ones I used to try and catch…the ones that have now caught my attention reminding me that we are all sharing a journey together. Today was a good day… it was a lazy sittin’ on a dock day…
and a whole new way of goin’ fishing.
If you would like to learn how to begin meditation please see Lesson 1 Meditation

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pitfalls of Meditation

I try and try and all I get is fog
Why can't I do this? Am I doing it wrong? Others seem to have amazing mind blowing experiences...but I just sit here thinking of the laundry or the sound of the traffic out my window.
Meditation is a time of "letting go" of all thought. It takes practice and it takes patience. If you can remember back to simple tasks that you once learned and now do effortlessly, you will understand this meaning. Photography - you used to cut off all the heads when taking photos. Cooking - you used to either serve food undercooked or scorched. Computer - you needed a child to teach you:)

As you approach your meditation come to it with a feeling of simplicity. This is not about achieving anything that others may have told you about or that you may have read. This is YOUR experience and this is your personal journey. You are closing your eyes and attuning yourself to your beautiful spirit who is with you always. Learning to release all thought allows you to open the door for your higher conscious to connect with you. This connection does not necessarily come at the time you are in meditation. You may find yourself a few hours later or even the next day when you may have a moment of realization. A moment of inspiration that is awakened within you. And here you thought you were just sitting in silence and nothing "happened". The happening is not something that you may be able to even put into words but it is occurring nonetheless.

When I first started down the path of meditation I was intrigued by the vivid illustrious experiences that were depicted in various books and videos. Wow - it all sounded so surreal - how could this be? I bought books, I read up online, I watched youtube instructional videos and even attended a workshop to try and learn how to "do it". And then I discovered that was exactly what was building the frustration within. I was doing. Meditation is about NOT doing. You simply find yourself a quiet haven and relax your mind and float into nothingness. Yes, I agree thoughts slip in and you may find yourself scolding yourself- "I'm thinking about the day’s events." No scolding necessary, each time you practice this and a thought comes fluttering in, learn to pay it ZERO attention and it will dissipate. In time you will be able to do this effortlessly.

Meditation is a process and in the beginning you may feel it is utterly isn't. It may take days, weeks or months of repeating this 15 min. daily "letting go" of all thought and one day you will find yourself in such a powerful space of self-love. This brings forth self-worth and connecting with your beautiful spirit manifests it. As you begin to understand this dynamic, which is available to all, you will find it spreading contagiously to the world around you. To your family, your pets, your community, nature and the planet. This is the "doing" part of meditation. It is how you go forth and how you are guided and it begins with making the connection to the beautiful you within. Meditation is a tool that can open that door.
 How to Begin click here

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to Begin

We are all part of the universe.
Meditation is the true path to finding your passion of purpose. It is
 a way to detox the mind of the world’s noise, which has seeped into our brains and has caused us to stumble in darkness.   It has nothing to do with religion. It does not cost anything; you do not need special music, aromas or mental suggestions, as a leader of a guided meditation would give. This is a 15-minute daily practice of quieting the mind and allowing it to rest so that your true beautiful spirit can give you guidance. Some refer to this as developing your 6th sense, which we all possess. By practicing this daily, you will learn all of the truths that you already know within (much like Dorothy and her ruby slippers) discover your purpose and will love yourself beyond measure. It is with this powerful love that you will be able to act on inspiring thought and move mountains. This is available to all. Your light shines brightly and is waiting for you to unleash it. It can help heal others and it brings hope to a planet, which is calling out to us.

Begin by finding a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Turn off your phones, computers and lock your doors. By doing this simple routine of disengaging with the world you are treating yourself with the respect your spirit deserves. You may do this lying down or sitting in a straight backed chair with feet on the ground. Close your eyes and breath normally. Begin by saying a prayer of protection to the unseen guides who walk with you daily.  

Here is the one I use:

To my highest guides and helpers second to none
Bless me and keep me safe at this time that I sit
Knowing that all that is said, done and heard, felt or sensed in any way
is with absolute love as I blend myself with my consciousness
I wish at this time to be at one with my spirit

You may add to the end of this "I would like to meditate for 15 mins" (You will find yourself brought back from meditative state in exactly 15 mins.)

Now just relax and allow yourself to float into nothingness.
Each time you do this you are training yourself to become stiller and quieter as you learn to "let go" of all thoughts. At first you may find yourself struggling with chores, worries, daily routines that need to be attended to. Pay ZERO attention to any of these thoughts and allow them to dissipate. Let all fall silent.
You are not waiting for anything- you are not doing or searching for anything. Think of this time as a time that you are going totally blank so that your guides can work on the connection lines like the cable company or phone repair man tightening all the wires. Your spirit team can only get it working properly if they have a total blank peaceful mind to work with. 
At first the time you are able to still your thoughts may only be seconds, but this is still progress. In time you will be able to do this much longer. This is something which will benefit yourself, your loved ones and the world around you. How? you ask. Look to my posts to learn more:)

After months of "trying" to meditate with books, cd's and videos. I became frustrated as it always felt like the wrong kind of energy. I now use this daily and I have moved thoughts into action effortlessly as I am learning more and more about this wonderful journey called life and what my role is on this planet. You can too. I learned this method from the wonderful work being done by Mick and Sylvie Avery. The fact that you do not need anything but yourself and a quiet space is probably not too profitable to anyone teaching it... all the better!

Do you need further help? I wrote a MEDITATION BOOK
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