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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Meditations Bring Warnings

Dragonflies Follow Me Everywhere

Today was another day at the beach. As I drove the slow winding road to its entrance I was met by a squadron of dragonflies. At first I thought they were gathered in one area but as I continued along I was surrounded by hundreds of these beautiful creatures.
My routine of picking a clear spot to settle into felt like a prayer I was offering up. Here I am to blend with your beauty, here I am to watch and learn…use me. I sat and meditated in silence for a short time. I love the feeling of air, sun, water and earth while I meditate. I finished my meditation offered up a thanks and sat there coming back down to earth.
As I walked along the shore I became aware that the piles of sea grass seemed to be alive with swarming insects. But they seemed to be hopping like fleas and there were so many of them it felt as if the ground below me was no longer sand. I stooped and put my hands out. Many landed into my grasp and as I slowly opened my palms I saw that they were actually tiny crabs. They looked clear in color and they were hopping and burying themselves into the sand. I smiled as I realized I was not alone in my curiosity as several sea birds anxiously awaited for me to move along.
I love these long walks never knowing what lies ahead, and a thought appeared – go back and lock up your wallet…NOW. No, I replied to myself I’m too far from my beach bag…I kept walking and the thought now seemed to become an urgent warning – go back NOW! Hmmm well ok maybe I am getting a message to protect myself. I slowly returned and locked up my wallet. As I looked at my car the sun seemed to wink its reflection at me on the metal. There…now what? I asked. Silence.
I found myself pretty near where the warning had come to me as I was now returned to my walk of discovery. As I looked up I noticed a woman in a red swim suit gathering debris. She was the same woman I had seen sitting in a chair close to mine. Tell her, came a thought. No, no, no – she is a complete stranger and she will be uncomfortable with this interruption. Tell her.
As the woman approached I could see that she was holding driftwood and various plants. Building a house I asked? Yes, she said, I am. And then I told her. She smiled and said she pays attention to all messages as she believes we are each given aids and guides in life. We spoke of the dragonflies and she recalled a book about them symbolizing transition. Wow…transition…I like this. I felt immediately grateful for this chance encounter. As we exchanged names she appeared pleasantly surprised with mine – oh how beautiful a name she said expressing what appeared to be genuine admiration. Thank you Andrea so is yours I stuttered…feeling like I was 8 meeting another kid on the playground. I was at a loss as she truly seemed so happy to learn my name. We stood there smiling in the sun and she spoke so confidently as she said you know the reason you were told to tell me is probably because I “get” it. And she did. We shook hands and said farewell.
I found my way back to my chair and thought about this. Two strangers peacefully enjoying a day at the beach. She was hunting for beach treasure and discovered beauty in my name. The sun was shining brightly and I felt the urging of the sea.
I tucked my hair into my hat, grabbed my chair and pushed aside the wall of sea grass which stood like a fortress guarding the ocean. Move over crabs…it’s my turn…and I’m comin’ in.
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