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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Uncovering Hidden Love

Oh how I wish everyone would understand the power of thought. As I continue to grow and learn in my daily meditations I become increasingly aware of the fact that thoughts are living things.
This is a revelation that can transpire amazing thoughts into works of beauty to be shared with the world around us.

Me at age 5.
 Today I woke very early and began a meditation right at dawn. I love this peaceful time when the world is not quite awake. The room was dark and I was able to find my island of peace. I found myself in a room that was my childhood home. There were some people moving objects as if they were preparing for a festival or party. I think they were workers as some seemed to wear uniforms. It was my home as I remembered it. (This house has since been demolished and I was able to view it through my childhood eyes.) As I stood in this space every sensory of my childhood awoke in me. That overall feeling of being there as a young girl. I watched as the men began to uncover a large framed piece of artwork. They took off the covering and I knew instantly that this was something that was being restored for a type of anniversary. I am not sure what the anniversary was but I was aware that it was a special gift. 

Me as a baby.

Everything about this space reflected the exact colors and smells of my childhood. I watched them lift a dusty fabric covering to reveal a very large black and white photo collage. I felt myself gasp in surprise as I studied this amazing imagery before me. I saw a collection of photos of my family. The edges looked cracked and tattered. I saw a photo of me whispering into my sister's ear and I looked to be 4 or 5. I was wearing a black party dress with white dress socks and black patent leather shoes. My hair was flying in the photo as if it was a freeze frame of my head turning quickly to tell my sister something special. I looked at the other images of my brothers and sisters all as tiny children and my heart began to swell. I then saw my grandmother in a familiar casual pose leaning against a doorframe with one hand on her hip watching us play. She looked so beautiful ... so real that I felt I could hug her. I looked below her and saw my Uncle Harry a man that was ever present in our home as he truly was my father's best friend. He was smiling and looked so happy and I instantly remembered his laughter. I was aware that they had all passed on and that this was a collection of special memories all brought together...for me.

I finished my meditation and reflected on this amazing journey. Those images, especially the one of me whispering are not actual photographs that I have ever seen. My parents did not take many photos as I don't think they owned a camera until I was in my teens. Relatives I suppose gave some to us, but there are few of me as a baby and only a couple of me that are nestled in posed photos amongst my siblings. How could I see so clearly images captured in an instant, what triggered a spark in my mind that could bring these thoughts so beautifully to my awareness? It wasn't that the photos themselves were unusual; it's the overwhelming feeling of love they evoked, that brought me to tears. This unlocked a part of my heart that I didn't realize I carry with me. 
Family group shot
It is with this love and these thoughts that I want to surround myself daily. How tender and precious are the people we share this journey with. Even as I start my day today I can make an effort to tell the family I hold so dear...  they are loved - right now - today.

Each time I meditate I have no idea where it will lead me. The images that were pulled from the corners of my mind were given to me as a gift. I accept them freely and only hope that I can spread this tremendous wealth that resides in my heart with others. Keeping in mind that thoughts are living things, we can send our thoughts of love outward truly sharing our heart. I am thankful for this meditation today as it is a reminder that I can quietly go behind the scenes and uncover memories that stay hidden and expose them and bask in their loving warmth. You can too. 
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