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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Artists Who Have Crossed Over Part 2

Me working on Alex Toth art
Continuing on from my last blog. I am not alone in channeling energies - this has been going on for centuries. Man wakes and creates each day. From the smallest things such as how you arrange the furniture in your home or how you prepare a meal - there is a process of moving thought into action. It's in the times when you quiet your mind and clear away the debris that you can sometimes come away with profound inspiration. Where does this come from? Many would say- from yourself, and they would be correct, some would say your Spirit or your higher consciousness. Both are possible, but so is connecting with loving guides who want to assist. This assistance can only come by asking, something I would never had considered before as a professional artist.

As a young girl I could always see the object, draw it, paint it... whatever, I just moved with it. As an adult I continue to build on this experience and experiment with different mediums. I have created bouquets of sculpted fruits and vegetables -  art with fabric, wood and even broken dishes. Why have I tried a gazillion different ways and what leads me down those paths? I cannot say for sure, but I'm beginning to request assistance from my guides:)

Alex Toth Volumes 1, 2, 3
I have progressed through many phases of my career and now, as I have stated in my past post, my work brings me to a place where my focus is on artists from the last century. I collect and gather their hard to acquire artwork and design books filled with these precious gems. These artists may not be familiar to many, after all, the current generation is more interested in the world of pop stars, the gods that rule the sports-world or the hottest video games. The artists I work with lived during the time when newspapers cartoonists were kings. Some of the books I currently produce: Chester Gould's - Dick Tracey, Milton Caniff's - Terry and the Pirates, Harold Gray's - Little Orphan Annie, Alex Raymond's - Flash Gordon and finally Alex Toth. Toth's list of credits is so long we had to break it into 3 volumes. It would be too difficult to list them all in this post, (I'll put a link at the bottom) but he did brilliant storyboards for Disney's Zorro and many Hanna-Barbera cartoons such as Space Ghost.
Before and After of Jon Fury strip by Alex Toth

I spent hours and hours working on Volume 1 Genius Isolated. Images were found of a rare newspaper strip he did while in the military. He created "Jon Fury" and it was distributed among his fellow soldiers in a camp newletter. The story was about a dashing detective that drove a fast car and always got the girl. As his career progressed and he became famous, these early strips were never published. They were seen by the men stationed in the military and collectors who hunted them, but for the most part a complete set was never released for viewing - until now.  I was given the task of scanning and cleaning the smudges and placing them in order so that they could be viewed as they were in the 1950's. I did the best I could and we inserted them into the book, among hundreds of other sketches and drawings he created throughout his career. My next task was to take all of the family photos we had borrowed, some cracked, many faded, some with huge creases and restore them. So many unseen photos. There was even a rare photo of he and his mom and dad. He was a small boy and it was difficult to see Alex as it was a very dark image. I worked on that using the skills I have learned though many many years of photo restoration and brought it to life the best I could. I found another image of Alex when he was in high school. It was creased and his eyes seemed dull, just a worn old photo. I worked on this and was particularly happy that I was able to give some spark to him and I remember telling my co-worker my main goal was not to fix the tears in the image, but to restore the glint in his eyes. The book was completed, sent to the printer and that was that...

Alex Toth's high school photo
Two months later I contacted a wonderful medium Bernie Scott who lives in the UK. I learned of her through the wonderful work of Mick and Sylvie Avery who gave me insight into my akashik records, but that's another story:)  Bernie's expertise lies in connecting individuals that have crossed over with those of us desiring to communicate. I was once again reunited with my parents, my brother and a good friend that passed in his 30's. I laughed as my dad was even collecting all the pets that have crossed and Bernie named them one by one- Cassie, Ashley even fish from my nephew's aquarium, what a delight.

I had meditated long before my reading and sent my thoughts to ask questions, never revealing them to Bernie. The answers flowed through in a natural rhythm and I was overcome with emotion. I was hoping to move past all the spirits assuring me of their identity and we did... and then some! It was quite refreshing. It was near the end that Bernie began to ask me about my work with newspaper artists. It threw me a bit, as I was not focusing my attention in this direction. She began to describe a gentlemen that was wishing to make contact with me. She gave his description, the circumstances surrounding his death and none of it registered at all with me. She spoke in what seemed like riddles- how I took broken images and put them together like a mosaic. I actually love doing ceramic mosaic work so I though she was speaking of this. She continued to talk and said he wants to "thank you for the tribute you are doing for him." This meant nothing to me. He wants to tell you how "healing and therapeutic your work is and how much he appreciates the work you are doing." Still I sat there listening as if she was getting a message that was meant for someone else. Maybe Bernie's wires were crossed... and then she said something that brought me to tears...
he particularly wants to thank you for the "work you did on his eyes... he loves what you did on his eyes."

And so each day at dawn as I begin my meditation I ask for protection, blessing and a little help from my friends. Help in finding new ways to spread that joy to the people that walk among me and to those that have crossed over. I am so honored to be able to give joy to artists such as Alex Toth. It has given me that extra assurance that not only does my work bring pleasure to the readers of today, but I bring light and love to the artists of yesteryear who are cheering me on. I am doubly blessed and for this and hope that others will stop and take notice of all that they do. We continue to bless others long after they have passed. I hope you find as much comfort in this as I have. To learn how you can meditate please read my book Sæ-sii Meditation: How to Find Your Bliss in 15 Minutes a Day
To learn more about Alex Toth please follow this link.