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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meditation for Kids

I had the opportunity to visit with family this week. I am an active person and love to surround myself with projects that challenge me. This is not always easy when you are a guest in someone's home. I haven't owned or watched television since 2005 and the constant buzzing of this static noise is an irritant to say the least. As I observed this family of four in their natural environment I saw that the use of this droning device holds their minds in a trance like stupor. They might as well have been watching paint dry as the content of the programming was a waste of their time. Small children watching hostile police  arrests, supposed talent searches and survival game shows. No one seemed to question any of it - accepting all they viewed not as mere entertainment, but as fact. Scary.

I spoke to one of the children about meditation. She was extremely interested and open to the suggestion that you can "tune out" unnecessary noise. She sat wide eyed soaking up everything I shared. I told her she didn't need any special music, or any chanting just a comfortable position alone in her room. Knowing that it would only be for 15 mins., was perfect for this active 10 year old and after listening to my instructions - she was off to begin her first meditation. She even shooed away her puppy and closed her door as she wanted this time all to herself.

I spoke with her mom about meditation bringing increased awareness to ALL ages. The mother is not a reader and I had to just bring the information I know from firsthand knowledge. She then surprised me and asked if I could send her a book about it. Wow.

Three days later the child told me she was writing a story about children who are creating a contest to see who could come up with the best "save the earth" solutions. She listed turning off the tv at the top! I was stunned as she read me the story. Children concerned about saving the rainforest and conserving energy. Really?

I believe meditation for families could be the answer to so many of the world's problems. All my life I was taught education begins at home- well, yes of course it does, so why not include it as part of a family routine?

Last night I heard the father come home and he was a bit cranky. Dinner wasn't for at least an hour and homework needed to be done. Mom was trying to juggle homework, dinner and some other chores while dad did his best to not lose his cool. Suddenly a child jumped up grabbed her dad's hand and announced "Come with me."
He was not happy as he had just settled into his comfy tv chair and rolled his eyes following her into her room. The door shut and the next thing I heard was this...
"You need to learn about meditation dad. It will help you be less grumpy, because you don't even hear yourself when you speak to us in that nasty tone. You need to learn to turn off the tv and meditate. It will help you and it may even help the whole family!"
He began to argue with her and she shut him down. I worried that I would be rebuked for putting these ideas into her head. Luckily he came out of the room smiling... and switched on the tv.

Meditation plants seeds. It opens doors and it brings healing in so many ways. By teaching one member how to open their minds to new possibilities, it gives a bridge to this island of static noise that infiltrates their beautiful spirits. I will soon leave this loving family of mine, feeling as if I have given a gift this holiday season like none other. I truly can give PEACE this season and so can you.
To learn how you can meditate please read my book Sæ-sii Meditation: How to Find Your Bliss in 15 Minutes a Day