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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Messages of Artists Who Have Crossed Over Part 1

Cliff Sterret's work
For most of my life I have been a professional artist. I have worked with many clients. Some were local backyard mom and pop businesses, some were huge corporations. I am a freelance artist who has designed tv commercials, logos, billboards and graphics of every description. Let's just say I have enjoyed a very diverse career and now find myself embarking on a new twist. I have connected with artists from the other side of the veil.

I designed this cover
In the spring of 2009 I began working with archival newspaper cartoonists of the early 1900's. This was a time in our world when there was no tv, no internet, no ebooks, no was a world of radio and newspapers. My work is in the restoration of this beautiful form of art and placing it into volumes of books that readers of today can view and learn from. The artists were masters of their craft, such as Cliff Sterret, (seen here) - using their raw talents of pen and ink without the benefit of cut and paste, undo or save. The source of my work is often found in dusty old attics as a generation fades away and the contents of their treasure chests are brought out into the light. Many people can only glimpse the work of these great artists, as collectors gobble them up on ebay or trade shows hording them away or selling them to the highest bidder. They are precious and some of the price tags on these gems reflect it. I, along with a team of others, scan them and make them into digital files. They are placed in a chronological order so the viewer can read them- just as they were meant to be seen after being picked up from front door stoops and opened every morning. I usually have to digitally clean them to bring them back to life. Often newspaper strips are faded and cracked and I smooth out the wrinkles and erase the dirt they have accumulated (some over 90 years). I have become an expert photo restorationist and my talents are put to good use as I am called upon to add old images of the artist into each book. These photos are collected from all over the world and many are personal images on loan from family members. Looking at these fantastic old family photos of the early teens gives depth to the artist and I somehow feel connected. I never knew just how connected that would become.

My meditations often bring me to a place where I am given messages. I have always journaled my messages and love looking at them months later. It was through this experience that I was given this realization and my gift.
Meditation message:  "Your work is therapuetic and healing to the soul. You were brought into alignment to be able to use your talents to bring forth the work of artists who no longer walk among us. "
This at first sounded like some flowery compliment, but I am beginning to understand that the artists of the books I am working on are watching me. I thought the theraputic and healing was for the many people here on earth who are enjoying reading these collections, but clearly they are truly for the spirits who view their work disintegrating into dust - I am bringing them joy. This has opened my heart to an understanding that they stand at my shoulder cheering me on.

Sterret's Polly and Her Pals ran 1912 - 1958
The newspaper will become a tool of the past, as we are witnessing. The age of the book is uncertain and no one knows where this will lead. Books stores are closing worldwide and libraries are having their budgets cut as I write. So, as you can see, recovering and restoring art from old newspapers is a type of rescue work. This is a new dimension of my career that I had never dreamed of.

In my next blog I will speak of the message I received from a wonderful cartoonist Alex Toth. Part 2 Artists Who Have Crossed Over

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