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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Library in Your Mind is Now Open

Some people approach meditation to improve mental health much like dieting...and then they just stop. When asked why they discontinued meditation their answers varied:
"I never really "saw" anything or "went" anywhere and I got bored."
"It's too hard to sit and not think and I usually fell asleep."
"I can't "do" it like the books I've read or the videos I've watched."
"I don't have time and I hear it's something that you have to do daily."

Just like dieting for improved physical health there is no one-way-fits-all. As life energies I believe we are all connected; however I do not believe we all are wired to meditate in the same way. It is important to find one that works for you. Do not look for hurry-it-up instructions to achieve quick results. The method I teach, for example, is one of silence. Once I began dedicating 15 minutes daily, it became easier to drift away to my inner harbor of peace.

How can we move past that part of us that wants to use this like a diet? Of all the obstacles that can derail you, I find the worst is comparing yourself to others. This is the beauty of the meditation, it is your unique way of hearing your own voice. Find the method that works for you. Meditation can come in taking a walk by yourself, doing a household chore or soaking in a tub. Maybe listening to recordings of nature or Tibetan singing bowls (all available on downloadable mp3s) will help you to "let go" of thoughts and allow your mind to disconnect from noise and tune in to YOU.

We have all experienced power outages at one time or another. Our world comes to a halt as we look for candles and flashlights. Communication on the internet ceases and the TV zaps off. You had no choice but to sit in silence. If you really think of it you can find 15 minutes of daily disconnection.

Find the moment and space that works for you, whether it's dawn or evening it doesn't matter. What matters is that you value yourself. I used to get caught up in the noise and chatter of the world and now I don't even own a TV, but I feel better informed than most of my neighbors. Why? Because I have learned that I can find guidance within. Meditation is like using a compass to find your way in this murky world. It can help you form better relationships, make wiser decisions, relieve senseless stress and help you to love yourself in a way that removes all doubt that you are less. You are a beautiful spirit that has an entire library of how-to books all in your just need to learn how to open the door and apply them in your life.

To learn how to meditate in silence please read How to Begin.