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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monuments Crumble...What's Your Landmark?

Towers fall and crumble and we walk among the ruins. Civilizations of yesterday are now decomposed matter returned to the earth. The planning and building of their magnificent structures took years and cost them a fortune. The labor to produce much of this came from the sweat of a brow that had only known poverty. And with all of their splendor and finery they stood highest among men saying we are the best because we have the most. Wars were fought in hopes of retaining their riches and lives were spent trying to hold on to their wealth. So much struggle and now it has all disintegrated into dust beneath our feet.

Love is teaching children how to follow their passions
Meditation can sometimes bring the most profound thoughts. Today I was given this: Landmarks crumble but what you instill and pass on to others will last eternally. I was struck with the fact that I have been smelling what appears to be "chalk dust" for several weeks now and it's becoming stronger. The scent seems to intensify during meditation and so this revelation of statues and monuments deteriorating, well they seem to fit together.

Our lives are filled with working and planning. How are you using all of this energy? Where is your focus? Is it to amass property and to collect material items that you will someday leave behind? If you think of yourself as today's civilization where is YOUR landmark and how long will it stand?

I have had that moment in my life when I thought it was no longer worth living. Depressed about my loveless marriage, the loss of my parent and the constant feelings that I was not living up to my potential caused me to just pack up and move away. I gathered my art supplies and some clothes and left behind a home with all of its furnishings to start fresh on the money I received after cashing in all my glittering baubles to the highest bidder... the nearest jewelry store. I am not recommending this for everyone, yes it was pretty extreme. I quit a high paying job to replace it with one found on craigslist... a job that would take me over 1300 miles away to the furthest point south in the US...Key West, FL.

Love is sharing your talents with your children all their lives
So what will my landmark be? I believe it will be the lessons I have learned and have passed on. It will be the way I smile and the way I love— yes it will be the way I used the power of love. Not just the love I have for my family and friends, but to the planet and all that it has given me. This I believe is our greatest treasure and something you won't find in history books. Begin today to express love knowing that this may be the greatest recognition for time spent on this earth. This is what will live on, not your home, your automobile, your jewelry or your expensive toys. Use your meditation times to set your intent on being the best channel for purest love and watch how your true wealth begins to appear and spread. To learn more about how you can use meditation to enhance your life please read How to Begin.