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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Man Made Hell = Man Made Fear Part 1

 Man has lived with fear throughout the centuries. He has walked the earth and created more men and each new generation teaches their children to fear. Fear is powerful and can be used as a tool to make man heed the action of his authority over him. The following is an example of my own life. Of how fear kept me in constant alert of a retribution that would surely be in my future. When would this future come? Ah, that was the very nurturing and kindle that kept the flame of fear alive in me. No one knew when this would come – not my parents, nor my teachers and especially not the church leaders. But, if I did not follow certain rules I would find myself in a place where I would burn continually…forever…for infinity. This is a very long time to burn…and I was kept in the dark by the world in which I found myself following a wobbly truth that somehow if I believed the rules placed upon me by generations which came lived and died before me – I might be spared the eternal spit and the punishing flames of hell. 

A comic strip from 1989 that reminded me that often man is behind all of the fear.
I was born into a family who called themselves Christians. It had something to do with Christmas so it felt safe to my young mind. I was too small to think of adult questions like how come we are called Christians? How come all the neighbors go by this name and why aren’t there any Un-Christians on our block? I remember however asking simple questions like:
Q: Who made dogs? A: God
Q: How come I don’t have grandfathers like other kids? A: They went to go be with God.
Q: Who is God? A: He is who made everything you see.
Q: When do I get to meet him if he’s with my grandfathers? A: When you die.
Q: I have to die to meet him? A: Well, you can always talk to him.
Q: How? A: When you say your prayers.
But my prayers are the ones you taught me.
Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take

Q: So when I talk to him in my prayers it’s always about dying?
A: Well, I don’t have all the answers about God – that’s why we go to church.
Me: But you and dad don’t go.
A: We used to go, but now it’s time for you to go and learn. That’s why it’s called Sunday School. You must go there every Sunday and be good and quiet and listen to all you hear so when you die you can go to heaven and see God.
Me: More dying? You’d think God could come to earth and visit me and keep me around on all of this splendor he created.
And so at the age of 5, I began my years of attending a school where they taught me all the rules of a man who wasn’t a man…who wasn’t a woman either…who made everything…and would send me to hell to burn forever unless I believed the book some other people wrote to keep all the rules in order. To be continued... Part 2
Yes, I took a slight detour from my meditation experiences, but since most of this writing came through while meditating I wanted to bring it into the light:)
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