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Monday, June 25, 2012

Your Journey is Not a Competition

Lately I have found myself seeking and searching. It feels as if I am on a quest and there is an urgency surrounding this. If I were to ask 10 people about this they would each give their opinion of why this is occurring. Then I would probably have 10 different reasons to ponder. Do I really need to sift through their impressions of why I am moving in this direction? No. And so I began meditating about the whys and what-ifs in my life.

My partner is on his own quest.  He's an avid reader and his love for studying history is something he has enjoyed all his life. Lately he has delved back into some of his favorite eras and is rereading various accounts and looking at them with fresh eyes. He likes to share every new tidbit and we sip coffee in the morning discussing all he has uncovered. Although I really have no desire to study history at the moment, it seems like a puzzle he is trying to solve for the sole purpose of obtaining knowledge and it brings him pleasure and this is in turn brings me joy. At times this joy has been interrupted by an anxiety that lies just under the surface as it creeps into my thoughts. I usually tell my partner everything and yet this I kept to myself. I allowed it to sit on the back burners of my mind simmering for a few days. What could be causing this unrest? It could be any number of things and so it seemed pointless to worry him about it and so I tried to ignore it. Through meditation I learned what was hiding in the corners of my mind.
A few months ago I had enrolled in a workshop regarding psychic development. It's intense and I've had to apply myself in areas very new to me.  As I studied and practice different techniques such as psychometry and telepathy I found myself becoming more anxious and I couldn't understand why.   And so I decided to ask for help during a meditation. I placed all my anxiety out before me and said, "something is bothering me can you tell me what it is?"  I always journal after all meditations and this is my entry from that particular day.

Saturday, June 23, 2012  
My Meditation: We are all on a journey and traveling at different speeds. It is not a competition and there are no blue ribbons. Just as my spouse is seeking knowledge regarding history, I am seeking to learn psychic development – for my own personal use - I am not to worry about comparing myself to others as I am progressing at my own pace designed just for me. I am not seeking information to do psychic work professionally, I am learning to access the treasures that await me to enrich my life. 
After writing this in my journal I went about my normal routine. I was startled by this message that appeared on a friend's web page. I smiled knowing this was a confirmation of what I was told. It's a lesson well worth remembering.
 By meditating daily we will continue to surround ourselves with a wisdom created to help us along our journey. We must continue to look within as this is not a race it is our own personal expedition.

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