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Monday, March 18, 2013

Origin of Tears

Meditation: I heard a voice telling me that I needed to develop the art of scrying. I should use water. There is an organization doing tremendous work with this they are called ORIGIN OF TEARS.

Meditation: I struggled with just allowing myself to drift as people were talking outside my window. I watched a few lights flicker knowing they were my guides coming in to be recognized. I then decided to get my bowl of salt water and tried scrying. I am trying to learn how to work with water. I saw a few lights and nothing more. I closed my eyes and placed my hand into the water stating my intent that I wanted to connect with it. This is what came: 
"We are one—  water is me and I am water. There is a deep love between us and we have known each other for millions of years. The water cares for me and I for it. It is in danger and needs my help." I assured it that I was doing my best to conserve and not pollute and I am trying to teach all that I can through my writing. I felt myself become emotional and salty tears fell. I ended my meditation with thanks and blessings to the universe.

divination of distant or future events based on visions seen in a ball of rock crystal. Divination based on an analysis of reflections in water, on polished metal, or on precious stones was practiced by early humans, who probably interpreted these phenomena as a vision of the spirit world.

It is now months later and I have to say, scrying takes a lot of practice and patience. I have never been a very patient person and this can be quite tasking in that department of my personality. But I would never have given it a second thought had that message not been given to me so clearly.

Origin of Tears? I have not found this organization, but this does not mean that it doesn't exist and if you know of this group please do email me. I did find however, a research paper entitled "Origin of Tears" written by a group that leads off with the statement "An e-journal of emerging humanities work." It discusses Darwin's theory along with the fact that humans are the only primates that weep salt in their tears.

These messages were given to me in January. I have been writing a young reader's story regarding the water crisis effecting the planet. It wasn't until I looked over my meditation/dream journals that I recognized the significance of their meaning.
Using meditation daily not only enhances our lives but connects us to the planet in a way that is hard to put into words. I believe the water is actually speaking through me as I write this book. The origin of tears will reveal itself in time. I believe it is calling all of us to "wake up" and understand that we have to share our natural resources with the creatures and plants that inhabit our planet. In order to bring harmony and balance back to our environment we need to be able to work together. This starts with communication. Begin using meditation in your life and find a way to connect to the planet that is calling out to you— who knows you may just find the origin of your tears.

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