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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Your Life is a Pizza-You Choose the Toppings

Throughout my life I have stumbled through many obstacles. In my youth I won two gold medals sprinting down a track...but I could not jump the hurdles. Life's detours seemed to find me at every turn. I had dreams of going to art school and an unexpected pregnancy seemed to bar my way. I say unexpected because I was using birth control at the time and this was quite a shock. Faced with the decision to abort or continue the pregnancy was life changing. Of course well intentioned advice givers were plentiful...but they all seemed to be saying things that contradicted one another. How can anyone faced with such an enormous decision hear their inner voice when they are surrounded by the opinions of others? When the dust settled I was left alone with my thoughts and for me it was a quick and easy choice- I was having a baby:) He's an amazing 21 year old 6' 4" bundle of love now and I can't help but wince when I think of the advice of those around me. Of course they meant well, but honestly, it was none of their business. I only wish I had been meditating when I was faced with this, perhaps I would have avoided a lot of self doubt. Abortion is the choice for many, many women and I strongly feel it is a PERSONAL decision and I honor and respect that right. It just wasn't an option for me- end of story.

my baby
Daily meditation connects us to a wisdom that is greater than anyone you can reach on the telephone. Life's paths leads to many hills and valleys. Using meditation can help you discover your strengths and weaknesses enabling you to walk with purpose and perhaps stumble a little less. Do you want to remove yourself from a toxic relationship? Is there an area in your life that you need to regain control of? Are you happy with who you are? If not, then why not still your mind and begin to practice meditating in silence? By removing the noise you will begin to hear the guidance that has been waiting all along.  Start finding your inner beauty that is waiting to be set free by unraveling the onion skin of self doubt. We're all a work in progress and we can make choices by adding or removing anything we wish. If you want to vent with others go right ahead- if you want to have a pity party- no problem, this again is one of many choices.

You are a beautiful being who is blessed and unstoppable! Begin today...forget about yesterday and start fresh with an attitude of self love. Go relax take some cleansing breaths and find your inner voice as it grows stronger cheering you on. To learn how to find your inner harbor of peace please click How to Begin.